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Sildenafil also on sale as Viagra and Revatio it is used at men's erectile dysfunction. ...
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Revatio (Sildenafil)
Sildenafil also on sale as Viagra and Revatio it is used at men's erectile dysfunction.

The viagra intended for elimination of erectile dysfunction, and applied more than 25 million people worldwide, is capable to enlarge efficiency of medicines for hypertonia treatment. It is caused by presence in Viagra of an active component - Sildenafil Citras. After use of the given component as an ingredient for medical products against a hypertonia has been approved by association of doctors. The pharmacological companies have begun release of a medicine containing Sildenafil Citras under name Revatio. Revatio is issued in the form of small white tablets of the round form.

In cells there are certain chemical substances which are responsible for blood vessels of lungs. They help to supervise width of blood vessels I do them more widely or already.
Revatio works at the expense of augmentation of level of these chemical substances. At the expense of it blood vessels are relaxed both blood and oxygen can arrive in lungs more freely.
Revatio is capable to reduce a blood pressure, and accordingly can prolong a life of people, it is used also for treatment of a pulmonary hypertensia and erectile dysfunction

How Taken
It is necessary to accept Revatio 20mg tablets 3 times a day. Revatio use both with nutrition, and without it. An interval between reception 6 - 8 hours.

Big plus of a new medicine is the way of its application. In difference from other preparations of similar action entered into an organism intravenously or by means of injections, Revatio accept orally and does not lead to a liver lesion.

During 3-month's clinical tests with participation of 277 patients in 25 countries, Revatio has shown good results.

muscular pains in legs or arms, nausea, diarrhea or sometimes cough.

It is impossible to accept Revatio if you use medicines with the maintenance of Sodium nitritums. It to concern also Nitroglycerinum from a pain in breasts. You also should not accept Revatio if you accept certain medicines for a HIV

Store this medicine at a room temperature in a place inaccessible to children.

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